Dear Valued Guests and Friends:


For years, Swadley's has become the go to place for our guests to continue their fellowship ​after ​ch​urch. Last year around this time, we heard a whisper from God that we needed to allow our employees the opportunity to worship Him, j​ust as the guests we served those Sundays. We put our faith in Him​,​ and made the decision to close our stores at 3pm every Sunday​. We were humbled, as we watched sales increase in spite of closing early.

Now we felt called to let our dedicated employees have an entire day for worship and family and are happy to announce we are closed on Sundays. We hope that you​, our valued guests, will​ embrace this decision and continue to ​visit us Monday through Saturday. ​We feel blessed to be able to do this and recognize that your continued support of Swadley's has made this possible. ​Thank you so much for your business but more importantly thank you for your kindness and friendship.
Brent and Ron Swadley