Swadley's BBQ in Oklahoma

The Meats

Warning: Mouthwatering Content Ahead.

Hand Rubbed Honey Ribs

Some things were meant to fall apart.

Just like the pulled pork, Swadley’s ribs are from Seaboard Farms, and these ribs are bound to stick to yours better than any on any other menu in the state, because we’ve spent years perfecting our recipe. And we spend more than five hours on every rack. They get trimmed. They get rubbed as well as any in Kansas City. They get slow smoked in five batches a day over smoldering, locally sourced hickory for hours. Then, when you order up, they get glazed and grilled for that irresistible, smoky-sweet crust outside and fall-right-off-the-bone inside.

Best Ribeyes and Sirloins from Swadley's BBQ


We put the rare in ‘medium-rare.’

Swadley’s perfected brisket. We nailed ribs, pork chicken and links. Then we set our sights on steak – and you’re gonna be hard-pressed to find anyone who does it better. No tricks. No sissy sous-vide shortcuts. Just the best ribeyes and top sirloins from Stone Creek Farms, open flame grilled to your precise specifications by our seasoned, skilled cooks.

Smoked Chicken

This bird is the word.

When you use Koch Farms chicken, there’s little to improve on. That’s why we trust a simple brine, the hickory smoke and about three to four hours to turn out the most delectable, tender “I just can’t stop” smoked chicken you’ve ever tasted.


Not just for Thanksgiving anymore.

Swadley’s turkey is a 25-year-old BBQ tradition. Injected with a salt brine for superior tenderness and flavor, then hickory smoked for four hours four times a day, this is one turkey you can’t quit – hot or cold.

Red River Catfish

One thing OK and TX can agree on.

Dredged in our secret recipe cornmeal batter and deep fried just like grandma used to, Swadley’s catfish is golden and crunchy on the outside and tender on this inside.

Chcken-Fried Steak

Oklahoma’s state meal headliner.

There’s a hardly a thing in the world that can’t be improved by battering and frying. 1000% true for our chicken fried steak. We start with Creekstone Farms Black Angus Beef, then tenderize, batter and fry it. Tastes just like country style Sunday dinner did 100 years ago.

Find Your Swadley’s

Get your BBQ fix at eight locations across the OKC Metro and beyond!

Find Your Flavor

Swadley’s offers up one of the most diverse selections of southern homestyle cooking around, from BBQ and steaks to burgers, salads, catfish and more.

Make it a Party

Bar-B-Q is the ultimate food to feed a crowd, and we’ve perfected the art of doing just that. If you’ve got a group of 30 or more, we can fill them up with Oklahoma’s best BBQ.