S.E.R.T. Services

Everything you could imagine needing – and more.

Over the decades of providing emergency relief and disaster reconstruction services, we’ve seen it all and handled it all. This experience has also honed S.E.R.T. into a fine-tuned machine.

Please bear in mind we can provide as much or as little of these services as your circumstances warrant.

Management Services

On-Site Management Consulting

Determining risk management needs
Assisting in locating necessary resources
Determining best way to meet client needs
Providing action plans
Integrating local, state and federal guidelines
Managing day-to-day operations
Supporting client’s personnel from start to finish
Provide staging, site plans and diagrams for temporary or permanent sites

Supply and Resource Management

Locating resources and products
Sourcing supply and resource needs via growing list of active contacts
Providing clients with available acquired resources and products
Providing day labor, accounting, procurement and administration personnel and services
24/7 risk management hotline to directly address any questions or additional services

Full Turnkey Staging

Management of all elements listed above
Acceptance of liability and responsibility for entire recovery
Assistance in repairing collateral damage
Emergency logistics management
Nationwide risk management resources
Registered dieticians and nutritionists
$12M insurance coverage policy
Certified safety management
OSHA certifications


S.E.R.T. offers logistics expertise to provide the right equipment for your job in a timely manner. From lodging and refrigeration trailers to buses and laundry service, we have – or can swiftly locate – all necessary equipment.


Swadley's Emergency Relief Team Lodging Options

Swadley’s Emergency Relief Team offers the comforts of home to hardworking crews. Our sleeping quarters tents are carpeted, heated or cooled, and each cot is fitted with bedding and a pillow. Our camps are always laid out to offer easy access to showers, dining tents and restroom facilities.

  • Lodging Tent
  • Bunk Bed Trailer
  • Individual Bunks


  • Climate Controlled Structure Tent
  • Lodging Tents
  • Pole Tent
  • Dining Tent
S.E.R.T. Offers Emergency Lodging Tents and Bunks
  • Mobile Communications
  • Remote Offices
  • Supply Store
  • Modular Office Units
  • Long reach forklift
  • Water tanker
  • Lighting & Power
  • Mobile Generators
  • Light Towers
  • Heating & Air Conditioning
  • Full-Service or Self-Service Laundry Service
On Site Swadley's Emergency Relief Team Cooking and Catering

Catering & Food Service

Down-home country cooking is the best way to describe the S.E.R.T. kitchen. Food is steaming hot, delicious, satisfying and always ready when the dinner bell sounds. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and even midnight snacks when needed.

Swadley’s on-staff dieticians meet special food needs for diabetics and those with other dietary restrictions. Our meals are varied and exciting, with everything from box lunches to steak dinners. Meals and service are organized to handle large volumes quickly and efficiently.

  • Mobile kitchens
  • Temperature controlled dining tent
  • Temporary kitchens
  • Chairs & tables
  • Climate controlled kitchen
  • Water & Ice


Coffee Service
Traditional Breakfast
Continental Breakfast
Cold or Hot Cereals
Breakfast with Scrambled Eggs
Fresh Fruits, Juice & Coffee


Boxed Lunches with Sandwiches, Chips, Fruit & Cookies
Artisan Subs
Fresh Salad Bar
Hot Dogs & Hamburgers


Chicken Fajitas
Fried Catfish
Turkey and Dressing
Brisket & World’s Best Sausage
Rib Dinner
Cheeseburger and Fries
Steak Dinner
Fresh Salad Bar
Grilled Pork Chops
Pot Roast
Southern Fried Chicken


SERT provides a unique and wide range of vehicles to meet your transportation needs.

Buses and Shuttles

Our extensive vendor network of transportation suppliers can be utilized from staging areas to lodging facilities.

Truck/Trailer Leasing

We can provide all client needs, from refrigerated units to storage units.

Mobile Command Centers

RVs, campers, trailers (industrial/residential) and more.

  • Re-Fueling Trucks
  • Golf Carts
  • Shuttle Van
Emergency Relief Transport Options | Swadley's BBQ

Safety,  Security & Sanitation

First Aid/Medical

Swadley’s Emergency Relief Team offers basic first aid assistance. With preparedness being the key element of first aid, we maintain basic medical emergency kits. For major emergencies a list of local numbers will be available. Lighting, fencing and command centers improve safety and security.

  • Mobile Command Centers
  • Fencing
  • Waste Removal
  • Shower Stalls
  • Hand-Washing Stations
  • Portable Toilets
  • Deluxe Portable Restrooms


Sample camp layouts

The Swadley's BBQ Family

About Swadley’s

Swadley’s as you know it today got its start in the late 90s. Since the beginning, we’ve been all about living by faith, feeding families and being an integral part of our communities.


Time is of the essence. Please call S.E.R.T. at your earliest convenience so we can set the wheels of emergency response in motion.

If you can’t reach us, feel free to reach out to our President personally:

Brent Swadley