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Swadley's BBQ Is Able to Cater Any Event

Standing by,
Ready to Feed an Army!

Or church group, retirement party, wedding, birthday celebration – you name it! Swadley’s perfected the art of feeding the masses decades ago, grilling burgers and dogs tailgate style in parking lots across central Oklahoma. Ever since, we’ve continually upped our game, bringing you hot, fresh, delicious meals that’ll leave your guests happy and satisfied.

How big is your group?

Catering Basics

Feeding large groups is a complex task, so we want to make sure you understand a few basics on how Swadley’s does catering:

Large Event Catering | Swadley's BBQ

30-Person Minimum

All orders from Swadley’s catering kitchen require feeding at least 30 people. For smaller groups, each of our restaurants offers large orders for groups, as well as meats by the pound. For groups under 30, you can order online now!

Multiple Catering Options Oklahoma | Swadley's BBQ

Price Variability

There are many variables that can affect price, including number of people, time of year, event type, time of day, advance notice, relationships with venues, etc. Remember the price you see is simply a starting price. Call us at 405-413-7333 ext. 1 for a firm quote.

Catering Packages and Services | Swadley's BBQ

Additional Packages & Services

Prices listed here do not include delivery, setup, buffet equipment, dishes or cleanup. We do, however, offer those services.

How big is your group?

Serious. Slow. Smoked.

Swadley’s BBQ philosophy is a little bit Texas, a little Kansas City, a touch of Memphis and a whole lot of Oklahoma. See how we do it around here.

Bar-B-Que Feast

Starting at $16.99 per person or $19.99 for Brisket

Meal Includes

Two Entrees
Two Sides
Dinner Rolls
BBQ Sauce
Paper Goods


24-Hour Sugar-Cured Brisket
Honey-Grilled Chicken
Tennessee Pulled Pork
World Famous Sausage
Rupert’s Hot Links
Sliced Turkey Breast
Honey Rubbed Ribs*

*Ribs Sold Separately by the Slab: $25.99 (10 per slab)

Bar-B-Q Catering Entree Options | Swadley's BBQ


Sweet Brisket Beans
Spicy Beans
Jalapeno Cream Corn
Sweet Cream Corn
Buttered Corn
Mac and Cheese
Potato Salad
Homemade Coleslaw
Seasoned Green Beans
Mashed Potatoes w/ Gravy
Dinner Salad

Add Multiple Menu Options with Swadley's BBQ Catering

Add Entrée and Side Selections

Additional Entrées: $4 per person
Additional Sides: $3 per person


Cookie Platters – $2 per person
Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, Oatmeal Raisin & Snickerdoodle

Cobblers – $3.25 per person
Apple, Blackberry, Peach or Cherry

Assorted Cupcakes – $3 per person

Cake – $3 per person
Chocolate or Strawberry

Whole Pan of Cobbler – $32.50
Apple, Blackberry, Peach or Cherry
Feeds 20-25 people

Pumpkin Spice Cake Special – $3.50 per person
Available November-December

Catering Drink Options | Swadley's Bar-B-Q

Drinks by the Gallon  – $4.99

Sweet Tea • Unsweet Tea • Lemonade

The Main (MEAT) Event

Swadley’s takes meat seriously, using only the best cuts from trusted providers + our time-tested recipes and slow hickory smoke methods.

Meats by the Pound

Meat Full Pound 1/2 Pound
Burnt Ends $27.99 $14.99
Brisket $26.99 $13.99
Smoked Chicken $18.99 $10.99
Hot Links $18.99 $10.99
Turkey $18.99 $10.99
Sausage $18.99 $10.99
Tennessee Pulled Pork $18.99 $10.99

Jalapeño Cheddar Sausage

$18.99 $10.99
Hand-Rubbed Honey Ribs $25.99 $14.99

Perfect for Every Party

Swadley’s has an impeccable reputation for catering to any size and every type of event and celebration:

Private Get-Togethers
Weddings (Indoor & Out)
Rehearsal Dinners
Bridal Showers
Baby Showers
Anniversary Parties
Birthday Celebrations
Family Reunions
Church Events
Corporate Picnics
Business Conferences
Awards Dinners
Holiday Events
Greek Life

Additional Rental Options

We can handle sourcing any of the following to help take your gathering to the next level:

Beverage dispensers
Trash receptacles


Standard Package

Comes standard with every order

Foam plates, plastic cutlery kits w/ napkins, cups, beverages, ice and serving utensils. Everything is disposable.

Wedding Package

Upgraded package

Elegant white dinner plates, rolled plastic silverware, clear cups, beverages, ice and serving utensils. Everything is disposable.

Starting at +$3 per person

Real Wares

Our step above package

White dinner plates, real silverware, dinner napkins, glass cups, sweet & low, salt & pepper shakers, serving utensils, and ice. Please call 405-413-7333, ext. 1 for more information.

Starting at +$10 per person

Real Wares Plus

The real deal

White dinner plates, real silverware, dinner napkins, glass cups, sweet & low, salt & pepper shakers, table stands, table jacks, bus tubs, rentals, carafes, etc. This comes as a plated full-service where we cater to each individual’s wants and needs. We set the tables, bringing everything related to food and drinks. Please call 405-413-7333, ext. 1 for more information.

Starting at +$15 per person


Full-Service Buffet Line

We bring everything required for the buffet line and beverage station, including serving tables, food, beverages, chafing dishes, drink urns, plates, cutlery kits w/ napkins, cups and ice. We stay to serve throughout the service, breaking the line down and cleaning our stations up at the end.

Under 60 guests: $300 | 60+ guests: 20% of total cost

On-Site Cookouts

Nothing tastes better than a hotdog, burger or steak right off of the grill. We bring the grill, buffet line, paper goods and beverage station. Call 405-413-7333, ext. 1 for more information.

Grill Service $300

Pick Up

Everything is in disposable containers. We provide the food, beverages and all paper goods. You pick everything up at our catering kitchen:

7156 NW 80th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73132

Delivery & Setup

 We deliver everything in disposable containers, including food, beverages, plates, cutlery kits w/ napkins, cups and ice. We set up the line buffet style, leaving you with everything you need to be a catering expert. We do not stay and serve.

Weekdays $65 | Saturdays $85

Swadley’s Fine Catering

Incomparable Class. Unforgettable Tastes.

Swadley’s has mastered the art of BBQ, but we’ve also perfected our full-line of fine dining catering services for all your upscale events. Whether your celebration calls for the finest in sophisticated elegance or something more down-home and familiar, Swadley’s is at the ready to deliver.

Nothing tastes better than event that goes off without a hitch.

Add Multiple Menu Options with Swadley's BBQ Catering

Appetizers & Hors D’ouevres • Italian • Mexican • Charcuterie • Southern • Desserts & More

Weddings • Banquets • Greek Events • Anniversaries • Any Event

Thirty-Person Minimum Catered Events | Swadley's BBQ